AdvisorEngine is a next-generation, white-label ​digital wealth management platform built on Roboadvisor DNA. We uniquely support both traditional advisor face-to-face client relationships and completely digital, low-touch interactions.​ In a single place, we provide a fully customizable roboadvisor​, ​dashboards to analyze and track business development, ​billing, and performance reporting. ​This helps firms serve both the Mass Affluent and HNW market segments, scale profitably, and connect with the next generation of clients and advisors.

Wealth management is a massive, growing global market, projected to reach $100 trillion of financial assets by 2020. Financial Advisors are facing new challenges from increased consolidation / competition and growing consumer demand for digital solutions. These firms also face the challenge of understanding younger millennial clients. Approximately $60 trillion of assets will be moved between generations in the near future, and firms need a solution to remain relevant for the next wave of wealth management. Our platform allows RIAs to set up a private-label Roboadvisor platform to capture this opportunity, in addition to serving their core clients traditionally.

We believe that the future of wealth management is a thoughtful combination of financial advisors and digital client-facing technology. Our platform is built to help firms grow their business and succeed in working with the next generation.