Who is AdvisorEngine:

We believe that the future of financial advice is personal, scientific and beautiful – these three ideals drive everything that we do.

AdvisorEngine is a leading wealth management fintech platform that creates a unified experience across financial advisors, investors, and business management personnel. Our wealth management platform enables financial advisors to deliver an engaging, personalized client experience and to operate at scale through smart automation.

Our team is made up of designers, enterprise technologists, data scientists, futurists, and business builders. We are based in NYC and Raleigh, NC. If you love data and are driven to create the future of financial advice, we’d love to hear from you.

About the role:

The Business Operations Manager will serve a key supporting role to the Chief Operating Officer (COO).

The role involves three responsibilities, performed in close collaboration with leaders at AdvisorEngine:

(1) Operations - optimize and implement our company operating system to help our team operate at a high level

(2) Corporate finance - own our projections model to help our leadership team make well-informed decisions

(3) Special projects - lead strategic projects using a combination of analytical and organizational skills

Across all these responsibilities, the Business Operations Manager should:

  • Be a great ambassador of the company’s culture
  • Use a bias towards action and get stuff done
  • Exhibit humility
  • Embody our six company ideals (6 Cs)
  • Promote our three product ideals (PSB)



    Our operating system is the ‘way we do things around here.’ The AdvisorEngine operating system (AOS) It is our collection of processes, communication methods, analysis frameworks, decision-making guidelines and ways to measure success that enable us to execute effectively (crush it).

    Given our current business stage and operating environment, an effective AOS will be rigid enough to provide clarity – but flexible enough to allow for agility. To drive adoption of the AOS, the Business Operations Manager will:

    • Outline the AOS in a living document
    • Work with the Chief Administrative Officer and program management team members to build out actionable program management best practices to be incorporated into the AOS
    • Implement the AOS daily by
      • communicating clearly and consistently with company management
      • collaborating with others to ensure alignment across departments
      • measuring and reporting on results

    Specific example activities include:

    • Help each department set effective objectives and key results (OKR)
    • Display key performance indicators in dashboard format for the full company to see
    • Offer guidance to employees in how they can best set goals and measure success
    • Hold people accountable for contributing to an effective AOS
    • Help prepare agenda for management meeting, where all department heads will be active participants
    • Draft weekly “Company Update” emails that COO can share with employees, shareholders, clients
    • Prepare monthly “Company Update” presentations showing our progress


    The COO is looking for a hands-on leader to manage the budgeting process, the corresponding corporate finance forecasting process and prepare key financial reports. The expectations are high for this person, as the role often requires moving quickly while still ensuring accuracy. To support the COO and help our leadership team make well-informed decisions, the Business Operations Manager will:

    • Own our financial projections model to help our leadership team make well-informed decisions
    • Work with Controller to prepare monthly reports
    • Engage with Finance team at our parent company, Franklin Templeton

    Special Projects:

      Special projects are initiatives that require creative and analytical thinking. One of the most challenging and rewarding things about working at a growth company is dealing with ad-hoc, unplanned items – special projects often fall in this category. Examples include:

      • Participate in a strategic initiative to improve how we onboard new clients
      • Perform strategic analysis to determine whether or not to pursue a new partnership opportunity
      • Start new “circles” (collaboration groups) within the company to build camaraderie

      Our Product Ideals

      These three values characterize what we believe is the future of financial advice – we strive to achieve them with everything we create.




      Our Company Ideals (The 6 C's)

      These six concepts describe what we value as an organization - in the collective and in the individual. They are things that we strive to be – they are meant to inspire and to hold each other accountable.


      Banding together, having fun, embracing differences, caring for one another, communicating, assuming the best, giving the benefit of the doubt, being patient, building people up, supporting each other during difficult times, looking for ways to share wins together


      Finding your individual purpose, staying present, removing noise and distractions, seeing clearly, remembering what’s important, asking for direction when you’ve lost your way, achieving balance, seeking personal fulfillment


      Always asking ‘why?’, paying attention, being drawn towards how things can be better, exploring how things works, caring about what’s underneath the surface, seeking the truth


      Solving problems, thinking differently, exploring new ways to do things, designing, creating, bringing new ideas to the table, believing in Option C, not taking ‘no’ for an answer, charting a new course

      Crushing it

      Making things happen, executing, being in the zone, feeling the flow, winning, delivering results for our clients/team/shareholders, achieving success


      Appreciating, stepping back, enjoying the journey, being thankful, having fun, laughing, enjoying, calling out small improvements, recognizing success